Feedback Alliance Remixes and Reimagines AfroDJMac Track

The Feedback Alliance is a group of musicians who have joined forces to create music together. Every other week they release a new mix of tracks that follow a set of rules and/or make use of certain samples. Their latest release used my track from 2011 "One Day." "One Day" was the first thing I did when I got my OP-1 by Teenage Engineering. The OP-1 allows you to make 6 minute "Albums" and this track was the first one I made. The track itself is an exploration of some of the OP-1's capabilities. Give it a listen below:

The basic rules for this Feedback Alliance track was that songs should be about 2 minutes, 105-115 beats per minute, and although outside material was allowed, the samples I provided should be central to the jam.  Here are those samples if you want to play around with them. 

I was pretty amazed when I heard the final product! Every track is completely different from the original, yet they all retain the character of the sounds I used to make my track. Give it a listen below: 

I just can't believe how awesome this mix came out! I'm super proud of everyone who contributed. I'd like to thank the Feedback Alliance for having me be a part of this collection. And a very special thanks to Moses on a Motorbike, who did the leg work to make this happen! I hope to be involved again some time in the future!