1979 Crumar Performer Free Ableton Live Pack 143

The Crumar Performer is an Italian-made, polyphonic analog synthesizer from 1979. It's famous for its string sounds. This free Ableton Live Pack is made up from samples of this analog beast.

The samples of the Crumar Performer were provided by Andrew Gomez from the band NRVS LVRS.  I've taken those samples and built this Ableton Live Instrument Rack. You get controls over the amplitude's Attack and Release, to sculpt the sounds over time. Next is the Filter section which allows you to carve the frequencies away, while the Filter Envelop lets you create some movement with the filter over time. Finally are two useful effects.  The Phas-Rus control adds in Phaser and Chorus simultaneously.  The Echo Dance adds a Ping Pong Delay, adjusts the time of that delay, and also filters out some of the high end frequencies at the higher values.  You can get quite a lot of different sounds by manipulating these controls.  Check out the video below for the complete walkthrough.

Thanks to Andrew of NRVS LVRS!

Andrew of NRVS LVRS was kind enough to supply the samples of this charming vintage synth. Not only that, but he went through the trouble of running it through an old Ampex 601 tape machine, to make use of its preamp. NRVS LVRS just released a new single called "End of the Night," which you can hear below. Also check out the video for "City Lights," which features his actual Crumar Performer at the 1:30 mark. Thanks Andrew!