Free Ableton Live Pack #142: Noverture Percussion Sampler

Gravitas Recordings have been putting out some pretty nice sample packs for musicians and producers. They recently reached out to me about one of their newest packs, Noverture Volume 3, a collection of drum and percussion samples. There is a wide range of sounds in this Pack, ranging from huge Kicks and Snares to Tabla, Djembe, and other World Instruments. 

Three Free Ableton Live Instruments!

I went through the sounds to find samples that would make cool Ableton Live Instruments. I think what I've come up with will give you a pretty good idea of what the Noverture Vol. 3 Pack has to offer.

Tabla instrument created from a Noverture Vol. 3 loop

First I sliced a Tabla loop to MIDI and made a playable drum rack. There are some nice quick percussive hits, mixed with longer and thunderous hits.  I've built some Macro controls that allow you to fine tune the sounds or go completely wild with experimentation.

Drum Kit made from various Noverture Vol. 3 samples

Next, I picked out some of my favorite drum and percussion samples to build the ADM Noverture Smash Drum Kit. What I like about this kit is that you get your huge kick and snare, but then there are all of these organic percussive sounds. There's a lot of life in this drum kit!

Coconut Kalimba-type instrument rack

My personal favorite of the three is the ADM Noverture Coconut Instrument Rack. This is based off of what I think is a kalimba made out of a coconut shell. It's got a great tone and character. I recommend turning up that Filter Drive to get some awesome harmonics out of this sweet little instrument.

Check out the video below for a walkthrough of the Ableton Live Instruments, as well as an audio demo that features these three instruments teamed up with my Moog Collection and Smooth Pocket Operators Ableton Live Packs.

Check Out Noverture Vol. 3 by Gravitas Recordings

If you enjoy the sounds of these free Ableton Live Instruments, then I think you will love the Noverture Vol. 3 Sample Pack. Here's everything you get for free or donation:

  • 20 Tabla Loops
  • 69 Tribal Djembe loops
  • 66 Foley Samples
  • 51 Percussion Samples
  • 30 World Percussion Samples
  • Plus, a special bonus folder of 30 Kicks, Snares, and Synthesized drums and effects.

Have fun and tell them AfroDJMac sent you!