Special Zone: Free Ableton Live Audio Effects Inspired by Super Mario!

Here's a fun Free Ableton Live Pack for you. The Special World Ableton Live Pack is a collection of 16 Audio Effect Racks, inspired by the Special Zone in Super Mario World on Super Nintendo. The Special Zone was a secret and extremely difficult group of levels in Super Mario World. There are 8 levels in the Special World: Gnarly, Tubular, Way Cool, Awesome, Groovy, Mondo, Outrageous, and Funky.

The idea for the Effects was brought to me by Animus Invidious. Animus is known for his work in the Ableton Live Community as PerforModule. Both Animus and I each made an Audio Effect Rack preset for each world, totaling 16 Special World Audio Effect Racks! 

The Special World In Super Mario World!

The Special World In Super Mario World!

Each preset contains two Macro Controls that are each connected to a variety of parameters in a variety of Live's native effects. So with just a few turns of the Knobs, you will find yourself with all kinds of special madness! Just as the Special Zone was a surprise in Super Mario World, we will leave the secrets to each Audio Effect Rack a secret for you to explore on your own. Check out the video below, as I explore the effects using MIDI files from the original Super Mario Bros. run through my Nintendo Instrument Rack.

Most of the effects will work with Live 9.6 Standard and above, but a few make use of Amp and Corpus, which are only available in Suite. If you are unable to open the Project in Live 9.6 Standard, simply drag the presets from the Presets folder into any track in your Live Session. 

Super 8-Bit Ableton Live Pack is Only $8 in August 2016

To celebrate the release of the Special World Ableton Live Pack, I've put my Super 8-Bit Ableton Live Pack on sale for only $8 (normally $15) for the entire month of August 2016. This is the ultimate collection of 8-bit, chip-tunes instruments. 150 Ableton Live Racks sampled from the Nintendo Entertainment System and Gameboy. This Pack has everything from the pure waveforms to complex, multi-layered, multi-effects instruments. To this day it remains one of my favorite creations! 

Super 8-Bit Ableton Live Pack

The sounds of classic video game consoles in Ableton Live! 150 Instruments and Effects, built from samples of Nintendo, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis.