Color Bots by Diego Stocco Review

Diego Stocco's Color Bots is a super clever Ableton Live Set that makes use of what Stocco calls "Adaptive Tonal Processing." Think of it like washing one sound through another. Frequencies and rhythmic resonances are pulled from one sound, called "Colors," and applied on top of another sound. Stocco supplies some pretty impressive "Colors" to process your audio with. If you are familiar with Stocco's work, then you know how skilled and imaginative he is as a sound designer. Color Bots is also a very interesting study of some complex routing and signal processing in Ableton Live.

I wrote a review of Color Bots for Ask.Audio. As a result, Diego sent out this email:

I've posted clickable links below. I highly recommend Color Bots and encourage you to take advantage of the sale Diego is running for the next 48 hours or so. Enjoy!

My Ask.Audio Review of Color Bots

Color Bots for $3 Off

Color Bots Mini

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