Berklee Online Staff Song Picks From 2016

Berklee Online has a great blog called Take Note. The blog covers all sorts of topics in the world of music. As part of their year in review, they asked teachers to share a song that they enjoyed this past year. For my pick, I choose Gold Panda's "Unthank." I didn't try to pick what I thought was the best song of the year, just one I enjoyed. I found myself playing this particular track on repeat on more than a few occasions. The track does a nice job making use of a very unstable keyboard sound.  And I love the noise in the recording. As anyone familiar with my work can tell, I'm a big fan of things that have imperfections and character. This song certainly does. In fact, it's a big reason I enjoy Gold Panda's music as much as I do. Give it a listen below and check out the full post with a lot of nice selections from other Berklee Online teachers. And also check out the course I teach, Advanced Music Production with Ableton Live.

My Berklee Online Tutorials

Last year I did some tutorials for Berklee Online, including this one in which I sampled the sound of Black Holes colliding. Check the full collection out here.