Post a Jam a Day for #Jamuary2017! Jam 1: Swamp Fog

I know, it's halfway through January, so this is a little late. But better late than never!

Cuckoo, one of the more exciting personalities in the music production world, has issued a challenge to create and post one jam per day. He cleverly calls it "Jamuary," and emphasizes that the jam doesn't need to be anything special. The point is to make some music everyday. Check out Cuckoo's Youtube channel for his jams (and a ton of useful information on some of my favorite gear). Here's his jam for today, which is a cover of the classic 8-bit Castlevania theme song.

I'm Getting In On The Fun!

Although it's halfway through the month, I want to get in on the action. I think this is a great challenge to ensure that I make more music! 

My first jamuary jam is a track called "Swamp Fog." I made it entirely with my Cassette Tape Prophets Ableton Live Pack, except for the drums which are from my free Korg Volca Beats Live Pack. It was done entirely on Push 2. It's called "Swamp Fog" because it makes me imagine slowly drifting down a foggy swamp on a raft, late at night. I hope you like it!

*The Cassette Tape Prophets Ableton Live Pack is the January 2017 Download of the month for AfroDJMac Music Production Club Members*

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Do you think you can create a jam every day for the rest of January? Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right! Remember, the important thing is that you just create some music every day. Don't worry if it is good, that's not the point. Just make music. Share it with the tag #jamuary2017. Good luck!