#Jamuary2017: Sleeping By The Lake

This marks the 10th day of my #Jamuary2017 Challenge. Posting a track a day has really helped focus me on my work. It's forced me to go through the entire production process each day. Often, we get a lot of practice starting a track, but much less practice finishing one. Of course, they might not be the most polished productions, but it's good practice in moving forward and not getting stuck on tiny details. It's also helped me explore some of the gear I love. I'm really enjoying it and getting a lot more out of it than I expected.

Today's jam was made on the OP-1 by Teenage Engineering and finished in Ableton Live. It's an ambient piece made of relaxing sounds. I added in some vinyl crackle from my Free Tape Hiss and Vinyl Crackles Ableton Live Pack. Next I added a field recorded from an island on Lake George in Upstate New York. The field recording is part of my Free Ambient Sounds of the World Ableton Live Pack

Here's the running collection of #Jamuary2017 tracks.