#Jamuary2017: Follow Me - Ableton Live Follow Actions Generative Music

#Jamuary2017 Continues!

This piece was created by using Follow Actions in Ableton Live. There are four tracks of music with 4-8 clips on each track. Each clip contains a note or chord. The clips are random triggered at various intervals. There's also a drum track with 4 clips of sparse beats, triggered randomly at various intervals. 

Visuals created with World Viewer by Isotonik Studios. The World Viewer is a set of devices that you place on various tracks of your music to generate audio-reactive visuals. It's a super quick and easy way to add interesting visuals to your music. 

So in a sense, this tracks is a mostly generative audio visual piece. I've set up clips in Ableton Live that all sound pretty good together.  But their playback is randomized. It's not completely random, there's some order to the chaos. However, any time I press play, the track will always be different. It will never repeat or loop in the same way twice. What I've recorded here can never be reproduced exactly! Enjoy!


All of My #Jamuary2017 Tracks So Far...