#Jamuary2017: Car Chase 360 - 3 Man Synth Jam

Yesterday's #Jamuary2017 jam of the day is a 3-man 360 synth jam. I got together with Kevin Kapica and Mike Longo, and we each manned a few of our favorite toys.

I took up the Teenage Engineering OP-1 and used it for its arpeggiator, finger drum sequencer, sampler, and made loops on the tape machine. The OP-1 is finding its way into almost every one of these #Jamaury2017 jams. Have I mentioned how much I love that instrument? :P

His brand new Roland System 8 was Kevin's weapon of choice. Since we were short on inputs on the mixer, Kevin's synth was run into the input on my OP-1. This meant I could add OP-1 effects to his playing, and record loops of his performances. That opened up a lot of creative possibilities.

Mike was the most ambitious of us all with his new Arturia Drumbrute holding the master clock, the Korg Monologue playing chords and melodies, and his Arturia Keystep sequencing his Arp Odyssey. All of Mike's gear was synced to the Drumbrute. I sent my OP-1 to the same tempo and just hit the play button at the right time. Kevin did the same with his System 8.

Mike also did video duties with his 360 camera and captured part of the jam in the video below. It looks best on a phone or even VR headset, because you can move around and focus on different things in the room, as if you were really there. Pretty cool!

Free Korg Minilogue Ableton Live Pack

In case you missed it, about a year ago, I released a free Ableton Live Pack based on the very Korg Minilogue you hear in this jam. Download it for free and add it to you productions!

4 Free Ableton Live Instrument Racks built from samples of Korg's Minilogue 

4 Free Ableton Live Instrument Racks built from samples of Korg's Minilogue 

And Here Are All My #Jamuary2017 Jams in One Soundcloud Playlist... Enjoy!