Live Performance with Ableton Live Video Course Now Part of ADM Music Production Club

Live-Performance CT.jpg

Great news! All members of the AfroDJMac Music Production Club get access to my Live Performance with Ableton Live Course for free. It sells for $50 on its own, but with your $6 per month membership, you get the whole course!

Live Performance with Ableton Live is a 31 video course dedicated to giving you the tips, tricks, and techniques to bring your music to the stage. I've spent years bleeding, sweating, and crying over figuring out how to use Ableton Live to perform my music. It's a path littered with ups and downs, major mistakes and embarrassments, and incredible breakthroughs. Allow me to save you the trouble with this video course.

Below are a couple of sample videos and this link gives you more information about the course itself. Get your music in front of people now. Join the Music Production Club and get the video course, as well as all the other goodies that come with it!