ANCIENT - Man's Earliest Instruments for Ableton Live


Music is in our DNA. It goes back past the roots of civilization. Man has devised instruments out of all kinds of materials dating about as far back as man himself. For this Ableton Live Pack, we take a step way back into our own collective history.

Some of the instruments used to create ANCIENT

Some of the instruments used to create ANCIENT

ANCIENT is a collection of some of man's earliest musical instruments for use in Ableton Live. This Live Pack contains 104 Ableton Live Instruments that were built from over 1.5 GBs of samples of museum-worthy instruments. The scope of instruments is wide. Primitive drums, percussion, cymbals, gongs, strings, flutes, and more all make up ANCIENT. Many of the Ableton Live Instruments I've created aim to represent the character and feeling of the originals, while others use those instruments as starting points for modern day sounds. They come from a day before there were musical genres and just music. Yet the sounds they produce will find home in just about any style of music. 

ANCIENT is optimized for a Push workflow and other modern MIDI controllers

ANCIENT is optimized for a Push workflow and other modern MIDI controllers

Every instrument in ANCIENT has its own set of Macro controls that allow you to customize each sound to your liking. It's perfect for Push or any MIDI controller you may own. As you create music with ANCIENT, you will have control over a wide array of parameters that allow you to find that perfect sound for your track.

Each of the 104 presets has its own Macro Controls so you can customize it to fit your music

Each of the 104 presets has its own Macro Controls so you can customize it to fit your music

Check out the video below to hear and see ANCIENT in action. With 104 instruments, it's impossible to show you them all in a short video, but this should give you a sense of what the pack consists of.

The Creation of ANCIENT

Fittingly, ANCIENT is the product of about one and a half years of work. I was contacted by the artist Roisner about it in early 2016. He had grown a bit tired of the normal conventions of modern club music and wanted to try something new. Roisner had plans to visit Guy Thevenon to record Guy's extensive collection of over 800 primitive instruments from all over the world. Roisner wanted me to use those samples to build a collection of Ableton Live instruments that he would then use for the recording of his new album. The album, Rhombes Timber 25000 BC, is the product of his work. All of the sounds on the record are made with the samples and instruments made from those ancient instruments. Listen to it below. 

As the samples were recorded and the instruments made, it became apparent that we were creating a wonderful documentation of these extremely rare instruments. For the average person without his own time machine or museum of prehistoric man, access to these types of sounds was almost impossible. So we began working on making this collection of instruments and samples accessible to everyone.

I'm really happy with the way ANCIENT came out. Whether you want to go to the extreme that Roisner went on his album or you just want to find that special exotic sound for your next modern dance floor banger, ANCIENT has the tools you need to do so. Enjoy!

Ableton Live Pack

ANCIENT is a collection of 104 Ableton Live Instrument and Drum Racks all made from samples of instruments that date back to prehistoric times. Journey back to the roots of human music-making with the instruments and sounds of ANCIENT. 

Check Out Roisner and Guy's Work

This collection wouldn't be possible without the hardwork of Roisner and the generosity of Guy Thevenon sharing his incredible collection. Be sure to check out their work!