Capture: Ableton Live 10 New Feature Tutorial

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 8.47.29 AM.png

Ableton Live 10 has just been announced. I've had the opportunity to test it vigorously since the summer, so I've got videos lined up about some of the key new features and improvements. Overall, I'm thrilled! It's a great update and enhances the Live experience without drifting too far away from what we already know. 

Capture: Never Lose an Idea Again

Ableton Live 10 is always listening to your MIDI. It's kind of like Big Brother, except it's not invading your privacy, it's making your creative process more seamless. Say goodbye to the stress of performing when the red recording light is blinking. Don't worry about setting up tempos and metronomes before trying new ideas. Just load an instrument, play around, and when you get something you like, hit the new Capture button (Or use the Push shortcut hold Record and press New). Live will intelligently guess the tempo and give you a new MIDI clip. It's amazing. 

Check out this video demonstration and walkthrough. Be aware that this video is using a beta version of Live 10 and some details may change. But I think you will be impressed with how well this works. I've found my music making to be much more carefree and adventurous. Bravo to Ableton on this feature!