Echo: Ableton Live 10's Amazing New Delay Device

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 11.17.33 AM.png

Amongst the collection of new devices in Ableton Live 10 is Echo. Trying to choose my favorite is a bit like picking your favorite child, but Echo is certainly a major contender. Think of old school analog tape-based delay machines like the Roland Space Echo, but with the convenience and control of a digital plug-in. Echo is a sonic weapon capable of many different tasks. Whether you want a vintage dub delay, a more modern tempo-synced digital delay, or you want to abuse it as a noise making machine, Echo is incredibly capable. 

Check out the video below, as I explore Echo's capabilities and teach you how just about every parameter works. Later in the video I show you how you can use it to make some awesome noise. Echo just begs to be used and abused. There are many moments in the video in which I'm giggling with excitement. It's really that much fun. Stay tuned for more Ableton Live 10 tutorials!