Need Sounds for Christmas? 6 Free Ableton Live Packs


It's Christmas all over again. It's hard to believe the year has flown by as quickly as it has. Over the last 6 years, I've released a Christmas-themed Free Ableton Live Pack every Christmas. This year will be no different. So be sure to check back here Christmas day for another special gift. 

But for now, I want to repost the gifts of years past. As I look back, I realize there are a lot of really cool sounds here, many of which I find myself using quite a lot. There's 6 Packs, with 29 Instruments in total. Here's the recap! 


2011: Christmas Tree Synth- Growing up, I can remember many quiet Christmas nights, listening to the sound of the simple melodies playing out of a tiny speaker connected to my family's Christmas lights. This instrument was made from samples of those lights. It's a tiny sound with a lot of soul. It takes me back to my youth!


2012: Charlie Brown X-Mas Tree Synths - These are actually some of my favorite instruments to play around with. They are made from a Charlie Brown snow globe. It's basically a little music box sound, but I've had a little fun making it somewhat of a granular synth. 


2013- Jingle Bells - I have a set of sleigh bells that I sampled for these instruments. There's instruments that represent the actually sound of the sleigh bells, as well as melodic ones. Check out the video which features Jingle Bells, played on Push, using actual jingle bells.


2014 Christmas Bells - This collection is made with the sounds of church bells from both samples and synthesis. The Yamaha DX7 bells sounds meets real bell samples for a pretty nice sound.


2015 Little Drummer Boy - This is another instrument made from an ornament my family has had synth I can remember. The sound of it is a bit like a music box. I've also sampled the cranking sound for some cool percussion instruments. This is another of my all time favorites.


2016 12 Synths of Christmas - These 12 synths were inspired by different aspects of the holiday season and were programmed with Live's Operator. They cover a range of sounds, and I think they are also a pretty cool exploration of the capabilities of Operator.

There's the collection so far. Don't forget to check back Christmas morning for another special gift. Happy Holidays!