Merry Christmas: Free Wrapping Paper Ableton Live Pack

adm wrapping.jpg

Merry Christmas! I have a special gift for you. It's the Ableton Live Wrapping Paper Instrument Pack. I made a Drum Rack and a melodic Instrument Rack with samples of wrapping paper. It's my gift to you this holiday season :) 

I recorded Christmas wrapping paper being ripped, torn, folded, and taped to make the percussive Drum Rack. I got a tone by slapping the end of the long cardboard tube the paper is rolled on. That tone became a kick drum sound and a playable Melodic Instrument Rack. 

Listen to it at work in the video and download the Pack to use it in your own music. This is my 165th Free Ableton Live Pack, check the rest of them out here. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!