AfroDJMac Ableton Live Packs in Your Tracks!

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Nothing pleases me more than to hear what people are doing with the sounds, instruments, and tutorials I release. It's incredible that an idea that I work on in my studio is able to reach people across the entire world. Then that idea comes back to me in your own creations. To me, it's like magic. I want to share a few things I've received from you recently!

Audio Antihero

Audio Antihero produced this track using Power Chords, Univox Bass, Yamaha DX7 Ableton Live Packs and more! Great melodies and chord progressions in this song (love hearing my guitar in here!). Really cool track, love when the drums come in.


Mymedazzaland sent this track, NEXUS, which makes use of the 80's VHS Ableton Live Pack. Check it out!

Cosmic Spaces

The EP below is from Cosmic Spaces. It features a number of my Ableton Live Packs, including the PolyMoog Pack, Analog Drums, and Super 8-Bit Pack. There are some really awesome sci-fi, space epics in this EP.


ChantMagick produced this beautiful piano improvisation using the Mode Audio Environmental sounds pack for the background sounds. Great sound and lots of soul! 

The Music Production Podcast Inspires Productive Monkey

Here's something pretty cool: Stefan from the blog Productive Monkey wrote me about a map he made for the various stages of completing a song. And he said it was inspired by an episode of the Music Production Podcast called "Make Bad Music." He's managed to take his process and apply the metaphor of an epic journey to writing music. I think it's a really insightful way to be sure that the process is approached one step at a time and in a logical manner. Below is his map and here is his post explaining the details. Thanks Stefan!