#13: Animus Invidious of PerforModule

I had a chance to talk with Animus Invidious of PerforModule for the podcast. Animus and I have collaborated on a few Ableton Live Packs in the past. His work on PerforModule is both unique and extremely useful. On the show we had a chance to discuss digital hoarding, the importance of organization, and how to make use of the tools we have. Animus is generously providing a download and explanation of his intricate Elemental Mixing Spreadsheet that ensures he makes use of all the tools in his plug-ins folder.

As a special bonus, Animus provides a free download of his new Dynamic Panning Audio Effect Rack. I've also built a Stereo Rhythmic Gating device that I'm packaging together with his device for the 151st Free Ableton Live Pack.  Download it here.

The conversation runs deep and through a lot of different topics. Listen and enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Some Music from Animus Invidious: