Free Ableton Live Pack 151 and Conversation with Animus Invidious

Animus Invidious of PerforModule on the Music Production Podcast

I had an excellent conversation with Animus Invidious for the Music Production Podcast. Animus is known for his work at PerforModule, where he creates tutorials and Ableton Live Packs. Our conversation covers philosophy, making the most of our musical tools, and productivity. 

Listen to the episode here.

Free Ableton Live Pack #151: Panning Effects

Animus was kind enough to offer listeners of the show a free Ableton Live audio effect he just finished working on. It's a Dynamic Panning device that allows you to simultaneously compress one side of the stereo field while expanding the other. This allows you some interesting spatial possibilities and can help sounds fit within the mix. 

I've also added a Stereo Rhythmic Gating device. This Audio Effect Rack allows you to create a different rhythmic gating or tremolo sound for each side of the stereo field. It's perfect for bringing a static sound to life and increasing the overall stereo width of your recordings.

The two Audio Effect Racks are free for you to download and use in your own mixes.

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