Erin Barra on Music Education; You Have Homework!

New Music Production Podcast Episodes

#28: Erin Barra

I had the chance to speak with Erin Barra, aka Mamma Barra about musical education and staying creative. Erin has some great thoughts on getting ideas flowing.

Listen to my conversation with Erin


#29: Homework - Make Music with Unusual Sound Sources

It's important to try new things. I recently challenged myself to create sounds with tiny samples from old vinyl records that I almost threw in the garbage. I'm glad I didn't because the samples turned into some great instrument racks. Check out the Pacific Vinyl Synths and the Americanas Vinyl Synths Ableton Live Packs; they were the result of my experiments. 

In this episode, I talk about trying new and unusual things to get sounds and inspiration. I also assign you some homework! Go make some music with sounds you either would never use or thought would not yield any worthwhile results.

Listen to the talk on unusual sound sources

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