Ableton Live Whistle Pack; Free Download and Collaboration with pATCHES!

I'm very pleased to announce the Ableton Live Whistle Pack. This is a collection of 20 Instrument Racks I made with Dan and Pierce of pATCHES, and YOU! pATCHES and I put out the call to the community to send us samples of whistling. We received a bunch of recordings from people all over the world and used those samples to create this free Ableton Live Pack (my 156th!). 

This collection of instruments covers a wide variety of sounds. Some sound a bit like whistling, while others make the original sample completely unrecognizable. There's smooth pads, broken mallets, melted pianos, birds, percussion, organs, and more. One thing they all have in common is that they maintain the character of the whistle sample. That could mean anything from a breathy quality to variations in pitch and timbre. These sounds are very much alive!  

The Free Download comes with 20 Ableton Live Presets, an Ableton Live Set with all the sounds preloaded to tracks, and the original whistling samples so you can play around with them and maybe even make your own instruments.  

Check out this video walkthrough of the pack. Listen to each preset and learn about how they were created:

Here's the live stream I did while creating many of these instruments...

Check out pATCHES' post about the Whistle Pack here.

pATCHES On the Music Production Podcast

I had the pleasure of an in-depth conversation with both Dan and Pierce of pATCHES. If you aren't familiar with their work, then I feel excited for you! pATCHES make music production tutorials and downloads with style. They've come up with a great aesthetic that translates the information quickly and effectively. Take a look at their post about compression, or the one about comping in Ableton Live, to see what I mean. In our conversation, we cover all kinds of topics ranging from our love of sound design, their visually beautiful graphics and tutorials, to creative philosophy and productivity. I learned a lot and I'm sure there are some interesting ideas and insights for everyone.

Listen to my discussion with Dan and Pierce of pATCHES on the Music Production Podcast.

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Also, be sure to check out pATCHES on Patreon and consider giving them a little helping hand for all their work.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the Ableton Live Whistle Pack!