Wisdom From a Master Flutist and a Session Drummer


The last two episodes of the Music Production Podcast were conversations with expert acoustic musicians who have ventured into the world of electronic music.

Episode #51: Push4life - Eshan Khadaroo - Producer, Session Drummer

Eshan Khadaroo, known as Push4life, is a session drummer turned electronic musician and producer. He uses his background as a touring drummer for Cirque du Soleil to teach finger drumming to electronic music producers. We had a great conversation about many important philosophical ideas that apply to making music and life itself.

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Episode #52: Rozalind MacPhail - Flutist, Electronic Musician, and Educator

Rozalind MacPhail is one of the leaders in the world of flute loopers. She combines electronic music with her virtuosic flute playing. During our conversation, Rozalind discussed some of the interesting projects she is involved in, as well as the challenges of producing music and the techniques to overcome those challenges.

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