Split Stereo Panning in Device Racks: Free Ableton Live Pack 171

ADM Split.gif

A small but powerful new feature in Ableton Live 10 is Split Stereo Panning. It allows you to pan each side of a stereo signal independently. We now have more control in our mixes when working with stereo audio files. 

This feature has not been extended to Device Racks, however. Not to worry though, I've built an Audio Effect Rack that will allow you to pan a stereo signal within a Device Rack however you like. 

Free Ableton Live Pack #171 is Split Stereo Panning for Device Racks. Simply drop this Audio Effect Rack at the end of any chain you wish to have Split Stereo Panning on and use the two Macro Controls to place your audio exactly where you want it in your mix. 

Wait, Just What is Split Stereo Panning?!

For more information on how Split Stereo Panning works in Live 10, check out this video below and read the full post here.

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