How Do You Finish Songs?


The most commonly asked question by students and readers is "how do I finish songs?" I'd have a hard time trusting anyone who says it has never been a challenge for them. Making music is hard work and following a project to its end is one of the most difficult things to do. 

As the semester at Berklee Online ended, my students had many questions and obstacles in regards to finishing their final projects. As I was helping as best I could, I saw myself in a lot of them. I go through the same challenges too and by helping them, I saw things in ways I never have before. 

At that time, I received an email from a producer named Ed, who was having trouble turning his 8-bar loops into full songs. Because the topic was so fresh in my mind, I recorded an episode of the Music Production Podcast about finishing tracks.

I use Ed's email and some of the comments my students made as a source of inspiration for the show. I think it's packed with helpful information. Information I hope that I can follow in the future too!

Listen to "Some Thoughts on Finish Songs..." on the Music Production Podcast.