SCI-FI STRINGS Ableton Live Pack: Science Fiction Inspired String Synths


One of my favorite things about old science fiction films are the synth-drenched sound tracks. The synth string sounds added a futuristic intensity to the films, and today, they bring strong feelings of nostalgia. This is the motivation and inspiration behind SCI-FI STRINGS, an Ableton Live Pack designed to capture the mood and emotion of the classic science fiction films from the 80s and 90s.

Creating SCI-FI STRINGS...

The process behind the sounds is a big part of what makes SCI-FI STRINGS special. I programmed patches on a number of hardware and software synths; chief among them were the Prophet 6 and Ableton's Wavetable. Depending on the patch, I sent sounds through a variety of guitar pedals, especially the RotoVibe's chorus. Some of the patches were recorded through a Fender Deluxe tube amplifier, and most of them were run through a variety of VST plug-ins, such as Ableton's Echo and Psychic Modulation's Echo Melt. 

Building The Instruments...

Once I had all of my samples, I placed them into Ableton's Sampler and then into Instrument Racks. The Racks have both Low and High Pass Filters with a Resonance control that effects both filters. There's a series of Choruses called Extreme Chorus. Next is a Tremolo effect with both Depth and Rate controls (Rate is fun to modulate while playing). Finally is a Delay, with the Delay Time set to Repitch mode to emulate analog tape delays. 

The result is 30 Sci-Fi synthesized string instruments for Ableton Live. Each preset is named after Sci-Fi heroes, villains, and other terminology. Enjoy the sounds!

ADM Sci-Fi Strings rack.gif

*Requires Ableton Live 9.7 Standard or Above

Ableton Live Pack

Science Fiction inspired synth strings in the form of 30 Ableton Live Instruments. Hardware and software synths were programmed for string sounds and run through an array of guitar pedals and VST plug-ins for character and vintage charm.