Practical and Philosophical Tips from Cristofer Odqvist on the Music Production Podcast


On the Music Production Podcast, I love to talk about the philosophical ideas behind making music and creativity in general. But I also love some practical "stuff you can try right now" types of advice. Cristofer Odqvist, author of Making Sound, gives us just that on the latest episode. 

Make anything sound vintage, more realistic loops, creating glitchy sounds with gates... these are just a few of the 75 practical tips Cristofer gives us in Making Sound. But there's also that deeper philosophy behind the work too. Dealing with people, finishing productions, and practice are the foundations many of the practical ideas rest upon.

In my talk with Cristofer Odqvist, he gives us a nice balance of both. It's a taste of what his book has to offer, as well as some additional insights and ideas to add to your musical arsenal. I had a great time speaking with him and learned a lot in the process.

Listen to Cristofer Odqvist on the Music Production Podcast.

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