Music Technology and Sensel's The Morph with Peter Nyboer


Sensel is a company that makes the Morph, a multi-touch, pressure sensitive USB and Bluetooth controller that comes with switchable overlays. It allows you to quickly change the function of the Morph and offers tactile feedback missing from touch screen interfaces.

I got to speak to Peter Nyboer, who specializes in the Morph's music production application. Peter talks about his experience working in music tech with Sensel and Livid Instruments. It was nice to understand the thinking behind instrument design and creating hardware in a technological world that is so rapidly changing and growing.

Listen to Peter Nyboer on the Music Production Podcast. 

Check out my video walkthrough of the Morph and download a free Ableton Live Pack you can use with it or any MIDI controller (or no controller at all!).

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