Madeleine Bloom of Sonic Bloom on the Music Production Podcast


If you've ever spent any time looking for Ableton Live resources, tutorials, or downloads, it's likely you've found Sonic Bloom. The site is run by Madeleine Bloom. Madeleine began the site after she worked as tech support for Ableton.

I spoke with Madeleine on the Music Production Podcast about the unlikely road that led her to the creation of Sonic Bloom. We also covered a lot of topics that may seem a little off topic but are actually crucial to music production. Chief among them was health. Often, when we get deep into our work, health and fitness are the first things to be forgotten about. 

It was a great talk that covers a lot of different topics, all of which are extremely important to maintaining our creative workloads and performing at the highest level possible.

Listen to Madeleine Bloom on the Music Production Podcast.