Reading List: ADM DRUMS, Classic Synth Sounds, Sound Design


New AfroDJMac Bundles

Isotonik Studios has released a mammoth collection of drums taken from my premium Ableton Live Packs. There are 151 Drum Racks +1430 Loops + 80 MIDI Clips + 4 inst racks + 2333 drum hits. It's all extremely organized in a single, self-installing Ableton Live Pack. Check out Mark Mosher's review of the Pack here. 

Warp Academy has released the Jumpstart Bundle, which features my Ableton Push 2 video course and Jake Perrine's Ableton Live video course. Two great courses at a reduced bundle price :)

Sound Design

Reverb explores the Sounds of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence."

Reverb Machine takes an in-depth look at the Yamaha DX7. Dan Carr of Reverb Machine was on the Music Production Podcast. And get your share of DX7 sounds for Ableton Live here.

Francis Préve dissects and explains some tricks by studying Adam Neely's work. Catch Francis on the Music Production Podcast.