Glitch FX Ableton Live Pack

Give Me Something to Break!

For those who want to watch the world burn, this is the Ableton Live Pack for you! The Glitch FX Ableton Live Pack is perfect for every job, from complete destruction and mayhem to subtle textural movements that bring sounds to life. This Pack is designed for both the studio and live performances. Whether you are creating music in glitch-friendly genres like Chip Tunes and Glitch Hop, or just need a little extra spice for a certain sound, this Pack will deliver!

Glitching Made Easy

Creating interesting glitch sounds can be quite complex. Setting up various effects that all interact with each other takes a lot of time, as well as trial and error. That's why I've made the process as simple as possible. Also, when you open the project, a full detailed lesson in Live's Help View will help you maximize your usage of the Pack. 

So what's inside the Glitch FX Pack and how does it work?

25 Glitch Audio Effect Racks

Twenty-five easy to control Audio Effect Racks. 

At the heart of the Glitch FX are the 25 Audio Effect Racks. Each one has a complex array of audio effects and mappings to 3 simple Macro Controls.

The first control is the Glitch Effect itself.  This alters various parameters of a wide range of Ableton audio effects. Turning this knob will drastically change the character of the effect.

The second control allows you to mix in the volume of the glitched-up signal. The third control lets you mix in the dry, unprocessed signal. These two controls help you go from just a little touch of glitch to all out destruction. 

75 Dummy FX Tracks with 1,875 Automated Glitch Clips

1,875 Dummy Clips that create unique, rhythmic glitching effects.

You may be happy to adopt a set-it-and-forget-it approach to the Glitch audio effects, but I've also added some features that will take your destruction to whole new levels. 

Each Audio Effect Rack has 3 Dummy Tracks.  On each of these Dummy Tracks are 25 Clips with interesting automation already drawn on them. That makes a total of 1,875 Clips of Automation, ready to wreak havoc on your music. 

Route your audio to one of these tracks and just launch Clips to get instant, moving Glitches that are perfectly in time with your music. It's great for live performance. The Dummy Tracks come with Clips loaded in 3 different states: Unlooped (Glitch pattern plays once and stops), Looped (Glitch pattern loops until you stop the clip), Follow Actions (Glitch patterns are randomly triggered every quarter note. This is the most chaotic of all). 

Here's a great tutorial on the concept of Dummy Tracks.

Endless Possibilities For Chaos and Destruction

Each Audio Effect Rack has its own style of glitch and every subtle turn of the Glitch knob changes its character. Coupled with the movement of the Dummy Tracks and Automation Clips, the Glitch FX Ableton Live Pack will quickly and easily bring madness to your music like never before! 

Glitch FX Ableton Live Pack

Enter a world of glitch madness! Bring some destruction and chaos to your music. A Collection of 25 Audio Effect Racks, 75 Dummy FX Tracks, and 1,875 moving Automation Clips.