Power Chords Ableton Live Pack

If you've ever wanted some big electric guitar chords in your music, then this is the Ableton Live Pack for you!

The Power Chords Ableton Live Pack contains Instrument Racks that allow you to play guitar chords with a single note on your MIDI keyboard or Ableton Push. It also features Guitar Rig and Stomp Box Audio Effect Racks that will help you dial in the exact tone you are looking for.

Clean Electric Guitar Power Chords

Distorted Electric Guitar Power Chords

Power chords are ubiquitous in rock music. It's a three-note chord consisting of the root note, the fifth, and the root an octave higher. Everyone from Nirvana, The Ramones, AC/DC, and Metallica make use of power chords, and now you can have them in your Ableton Live Sets.

What's an electric guitar without an amp and some effect pedals? This Live Pack comes with a complete guitar rig and seven stomp box effects. You'll be able to create anything from subtle, clean rhythms to all-out heavy metal guitar riffs. 

ADM Guitar Rig Audio Effect

The Stomp Box Audio Effects

To help round out your sound, I've included my Univox Lucy Bass Instrument so you can add electric bass guitar to your tracks. 

Univox Electric Bass Lucy Instrument

Multi-Sampled Fender Mustang Electric Guitar

For these instruments, I multi-sampled my Fender Mustang electric guitar at low and high velocities. Each velocity was sampled three times and those samples are triggered somewhat randomly to help create the variations in a real electric guitar. 

I played the guitar through my seafoam green Fender Deluxe tube amplifier (yes, I'm a proud Fender guy). The first instrument was recorded through the amp's Clean Channel, capturing the smooth tone I love so much. The second instrument was recorded through the Drive Channel, taking advantage of the warm distortion this lovely amplifier is capable of. 

Combine these carefully crafted instruments with the guitar amp and stomp box effects and you get great sounding electric guitar power chords with super easy one-note performance! Check out the video below for a complete walkthrough, then scroll down below to get the Power Chords Pack.

Power Chords
Ableton Live Pack

Clean and distorted multi-sampled electric guitar power chords with just one note.  Includes Amplifier, Cabinet, and Stomp Box Audio Effect Racks. Comes with Bass Guitar Instrument Rack.

*Requires Ableton Live 9.7 Standard or Above.
*4 of the Stomp Box Effects Require Ableton's Amp and Cabinet devices.