SYNTH BRASS Ableton Live Pack

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The Classic Synthesized Brass Sound

One of my favorite style of synthesizer sounds is the brass sound. While they never achieved status as a true replacement for a real brass instrument, synthesized brass sounds have so much character that they’ve become a sound of their own. Many of my favorite songs, especially from the 70’s and 80’s are sprinkled with some variation of this classic sound. It’s these sounds that inspired the creation of SYNTH BRASS.

Enter My Trusted Prophet 6…

I’m so often on the hunt for good synth brass sounds that I decided it was time to start programming my own. Knowing where to turn was easy: my beloved Prophet 6 analog synthesizer. The Prophet 6 captures the character of old vintage synths where the synth brass sound was born. Although it has all of the benefits and stability of modern technology, the Prophet allows you to program in the warmth and imperfections of vintage analog gear.

All sounds from SYNTH BRASS were original programmed and sampled from the Sequential Circuits Prophet 6.

All sounds from SYNTH BRASS were original programmed and sampled from the Sequential Circuits Prophet 6.

Giving the Samples Some Extra Life

Once I had my patches, I sampled them into Ableton Live… but not without giving them a little love in the box. I gave each sound a close listen and decided how to process it before placing it into Live’s Sampler. I made use of Live 10’s Echo, for its noise and character. I processed some samples through my own VHS Audio Effect Rack, among others. And I also sent many samples through the TAL-Chorus emulation of the Juno 60 chorus.

After some processing, I brought the samples into Live 9 (so Live 9 users can still use SYNTH BRASS), and started building the instruments.

Each instrument has 20 Macro Controls that allow you to customize the sounds to fit your projects. I came up with 2 fun Audio Effect Racks (Vintage and Raspy Old Hiss) I liked so much that I included them with the Pack as standalone Audio Effect Racks.

32 Ableton Live Instruments, loaded with Macro Controls, sampled from the Prophet 6.

The resulting SYNTH BRASS Ableton Live Pack has 32 synthesized brass sounds and 2 Audio Effect Racks that sound great on all types of tracks and mixes. There’s a depth and feel to each instrument that exceeds the sounds coming out of the Prophet 6 on its own. And each sound can be manipulated into many new and diverse sounds.

If you need a collection of a variety synth brass sounds, with a warm and vintage flare, I think you’re going to love SYNTH BRASS!

Ableton Live Pack

32 Ableton Live Instruments created from samples of the Prophet 6 analog synthesizer, specifically programmed to capture the classic synthesized brass sound. Every sound is completely customizable using the 20 Macro Controls. Includes 2 Audio Effect Racks.

*Requires Ableton Live 9.7 Standard or Above.