Reading List: Shocking Sounds! Turn Pro; Does Pop Suck?


Our friend Ben Burnes has released an electro-magnetic sample pack, which is free for September. Ben was the first guest on the Music Production Podcast.

Isotonik Studios has released a free Crumar Mulitman Ableton Live Pack.

Live School has some nice tips on How to Turn Your Music From Amateur to Pro.

ELPHNT has released a new version of NTPD or notepad. It allows you to write yourself notes in your Ableton Live projects. It's super useful! ELPHNT was also on the Music Production Podcast a little while ago :)

Here's an awesome drum slicing tutorial by Vespers of Warp Academy. I never knew that you could play just a selection in Live's Arrangement View by holding Option and pressing Space Bar!

Here's a video that might be a little controversial and overly critical, but it does raise some interesting points: