Ableton Phatty Glitch Drums -AfroVoltPack #1

Moog Glitch Drums

400 Glitchy drum and percussion sounds, synthesized on the Moog Slim Phatty analog synthesizer. Organized into Ableton Drum Racks. Includes Audio Fx and LaunchPad step sequencer.

I am very pleased to present to you a collection of glitched-out drum and percussion sounds, created from my Moog Slim Phatty, found percussion and synthesized sounds.  The AfroVoltPack #1: Ableton Phatty Glitch Drums is a huge collection of glitched out, diverse drums and percussions custom made for Ableton Live.


  • 4 drum racks of over 90 unique drum sounds, created on the Moog Slim Phatty
  • 11 Impulse instruments of found sounds and synthesized drums
  • 40 midi clips to get your beats started
  • An 8 step Novation Launchpad Sequencer that does NOT require Max for Live
  • A Glitch Audio Effect rack
  • 400 24 bit drum and percussion samples

This collection was created in collaboration with Richard of Voltage Disciple.  We spent months sending ideas back and forth from the United States to Australia, creating what we both feel is a super collection of glitched-out drums.  They range from huge and heavy to quiet and subtle.  Each set of Drum Racks are set up with unique macro knob effects with their own Drum Rack effects and sends.  Each individual sound is tweakable with their own respective macro knobs.  This is a knob twiddler's paradise!  Follow along in the video below as I show you what to expect inside and how these instruments and effects can take your productions to the next level!