Free Ableton Live Pack #67: Gated Reverb

Ableton Live Effect Rack Creates Super Huge 80's Drum Sounds

The 1980s brought us some pretty cool production techniques.  I often try to emulate them in Ableton.  One of the more timestamped effects is gated reverb.  Producers wanted huge drum sounds, but didn't want the drums washed out in reverb.  The solution was found by placing a gate after the reverb.  This will suddenly silence the reverb once it drops to a certain level.  Think Phil Collins' "Coming in the Air Tonight." If you have ever wanted your drums to sound like they were being played by Godzilla in the Grand Canyon, this is the technique for you.

gated reverb

I found myself looking for those 80s drum sounds and created an Ableton Live effect rack called the AfroDJMac Gated Reverb Rack.  It's a pretty simple but very useful effect rack.  It gives you control over various reverb parameters and various gate parameters.  Together you should be able to dial in the exact gated reverb sound you are going for.  Check out the video below as I explain how it works and download the rack for your own productions.


The drum sounds in the video are from the AfroDJMac Super Tape Drums Ableton Pack.

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Be sure to check out the new Megabrute Ableton Live Collection.  It features 50 different Ableton Live instruments, all created with Arturia's MegaBrute analog synthesizer.  It's one of my greatest collections and features an extremely wide range of sounds that will keep you busy for quite some time to come!  Each instrument has its own set of macro controls that allow you to take the sounds and manipulate into entirely new creations.

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As always, I encourage you to send along any music you make with one of my Ableton Packs.  It's extremely rewarding to hear what you guys are doing with them, and I will post them to share with other readers.  Thanks again for all of your support!