How Old School Video Game Sound Worked

Nintendo DSP-1 Sound Chip.  Image courtesy of

Nintendo DSP-1 Sound Chip. Image courtesy of

We've come a long way! Today, the quality of video game music is on par with anything you can make in a studio. But back in the early days of video games, the music relied on various chips and sound cards that had their own characteristic sounds and limitations. The capability of the sound chips dictated how the music was made. This video below is a great run through of how that all worked!

Old School and Video Game Music for Ableton Live!

I've always loved the sound of vintage synths and old video game chips. Just hearing those bleeps and bloops takes me back to my childhood. Below I've got a couple of Ableton Live Packs that are based on those old school sounds that I remember so fondly.

Super 8 Bit Box.jpg

Super 8-Bit

The sounds of classic video game consoles in Ableton Live! 150 Instruments and Effects, built from samples of Nintendo, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis.

Toy Synths

112 Instrument Racks of various toy synthesizers. Features Yamaha, Casios, and many other brands. 24 clips of keyboard beats.