ADM Exotic: Huge Collection of Exotic and Mallet Instruments for Live

ADM Exotic.jpg

Isotonik Studios and I have just released Exotic, a mega collection of exotic and mallet sounds for Ableton Live. Check out the video and read the official press below.

ADM EXOTIC is a collection of Instrument Racks from the “Mallet” and “Exotic” categories, offered by Brian Funk aka AfroDJMac over the years. It includes 75 Exotic and 41 Mallet instruments, exemplary for when you want to explore the world and delve into some mysteriously alluring cultural vibes, grounded in an earthy spirit. If you’re interested in stepping outside of typical pop/EDM tonalities, this pack will provide you with a sweet variety of instrumental textures to discover.

MALLETS are melodic percussion instruments, generally consisting of tuned bars or bells made of various materials, struck with (as you would imagine) mallets. Some examples include the Agogo, Chimes, Gamelan, Vibraphone, and Windchimes. Mallet instruments usually have a very strong initial transient attack which then decays.

The EXOTIC category includes melodic instruments which are difficult to pigeonhole into standard sound types. Their disposition ranges from organic and earthy to outlandishly alien, sometimes venturing into the otherworldly realms of parallel dimensions. Exotic instruments are often comprised of multiple symbiotic timbres which meld together to form an intriguing admixture.

The ADM EXOTIC pack takes these sounds, crafted from a wide variety of sources and originating from various packs, into a cohesive collection, presenting the instruments for the first time in a self-installing Ableton Live Pack. All instruments have been updated with fresh gain-staging so that hot-swapping between them never results in any untoward level jumps. Once you install the pack, the Instrument Rack presets will be easily accessible from the Sounds category in your Live browser, neatly organized for you to jump right in and start making music. Hot-swapping between instruments from the pack is super easy, as well as between instruments from other Ableton Live packs you have installed. Sample management is taken care of for you, so you don’t even have to think about it.