Volume 2 of the Creating Excitement Video Course

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Create Exciting Music

Producing music is hard. Coming up with ideas is challenging and making those ideas interesting is even harder. I made the Creating Excitement video course to document some techniques I like to use to keep things engaging. It's a video representation of my mental filing cabinet that I turn to while writing and producing. 

While we may all produce different genres of music, often the techniques to make that music exciting are similar. The videos in this series are designed to work in a variety of genres, and can be use over and over again, in track after track. 

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The second volume of 15 videos of Creating Excitement is now available to AfroDJMac Music Production Club. Current members can download or stream the videos now. If you are not yet a member, join now to access these videos and add excitement to your music!

Here's a video from the second volume, followed by the video list:

Creating Excitement: Simple Techniques to Prevent Boredom Volume 2

  • Melodic Motifs
  • Don't Try to do Everything in One Song
  • Randomizing Velocity
  • Subtle Pitch Changes
  • Saturation and Distortion
  • Beat Repeats
  • Auto Panning
  • Chord Inversions
  • Call and Response
  • Creating Natural Velocities
  • Flams
  • Adjusting Drum Tones
  • Adjusting Drum Pitch
  • Human Overdubs
  • BPM Variations