Reading List: Free Max for Live Devices and Creative Process Tips


Here's another round up of interesting items I came across on the internet...

Ableton continues it's exploration of sidechaining. Also check out this feature on Mattokind's live performance

This device will make the Boom parameter in Live 10's Drum Buss follow MIDI notes.

A free multi-band frequency modulator called Risset.

For drummers and aspiring drummers, Vic Firth has 40 Drumming Rudiments.

Check out Beat Lab Academy's tips on Ableton's Velocity device.

Izotope shared some nice tips: 6 Artists Talk About Their Creative Process and 2-Minute Tips.

Ethan Hein and Emilio Guarino were on the Music Production Podcast. 

Here's how I used Live 10's Drum Buss for noise reduction.