LATE 80's DIGITAL - Futuristic Sounds of the 80's for Ableton Live and Logic Pro

Late 80s Digital.jpg

The 1980’s was a fascinating time. As a culture, we had grand visions of an incredibly advanced future. Certainly by 2010, we were destined to be commuting in flying cars, have robots tending to our every need, and taking vacations on our time-share resort on Mars.

That drive to towards the future was exemplified by the sounds synthesizers of the late 80’s. One of the best examples of this futuristic sound came from Roland’s D-50. A new technology, Linear Synthesis, brought musicians sounds we’d never heard before… sounds from the future.

Roland D-50 from 1987, featuring linear synthesis.

The Sounds of Yesterday’s Future…

I wanted to capture the dream of the future we had in the 80’s, so I’ve built LATE 80’s DIGITAL, an instrument pack for both Ableton Live and Logic Pro. I turned to the Roland D-05, which is an exact replica of the classic D-50. After loading up some of the original sounds of the D-50, as well as a few other classic collections, I multi-sampled 50 of my favorite D-50 patches. Each sound is multi-sampled, many with different velocity layers for tons of expressivity.

LATE 80’s DIGITAL in Logic Pro’s EXS24 sampler.

LATE 80’s DIGITAL in Ableton’s Instrument Racks, complete with effects and Macro Controls.

LATE 80’s DIGITAL will give you the tools you need to recreate our fantastic 1980’s dreams of the future. The power of linear synthesis brings glorious pads, chimes, and otherworldly sounds in your DAW.

Check out the video below to see and hear LATE 80’s DIGITAL in action. The music was made entirely with the pack (except for the drums, which appropriately came from the VHS DRUMS Ableton Live Pack). Thanks for reading and enjoy LATE 80’s DIGITAL!

Ableton Live and Logic Pro Pack

Late 80’s Digital captures the futuristic sounds of digital synthesis from the late 1980’s. The collection contains 50 Instruments for Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Sounds were multi-sampled from the Roland D-05, an exact replica of the classic D-50 digital synthesizer. Capture the sound of the future, as it was imagined in the late 80’s!

Minimum requirements:
Ableton Live 9.7 Standard and above
Logic Pro 10.4 or above