Reading List: Recreating Terminator, Stevie Nicks, and Gorillaz, Plus Free Electric Piano


Check out this recreation of sounds from The Gorillaz by Dan of Reverb Machine. Dan also has a new Ableton Live Pack of the Sequential Circuits Drumtraks too. Certainly worth the price! And if you missed it, Dan was on the Music Production Podcast and we had a great conversation.

Decoding the Mix: M83's Midnight City. Tom Frampton of Mastering the Mix does an in-depth breakdown of the track. Super informative from a mixing and arrangement point of view. Catch Tom on the Music Production Podcast

Inside the music of the Terminator 2 soundtrack. Thanks to Synthtopia for this one. My favorite comment from composer, Brad Fiedel, "I was about to do the music for the most expensive film ever made at that moment - in my garage, basically." With a world of bedroom producers, his workflow is appropriately futuristic for the film!

Reverb continues its Synths Sounds of series with some Stevie Nicks that was inspired by Prince!

Spitfire Audio has added Electric Piano to its free Labs collection. Labs is a collection of high-quality free instruments that sound amazing!