I'm On the New pATCHES Podcast

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Dan and Max of pATCHES.zone have resurrected the pATCHES podcast. The focus is a discussion about direction, goals, and motivations, as it pertains to making music. This is a topic that has become increasingly important to me.

As opportunities for work increase, it is easy to say “yes” in the attempt to seize an opportunity. But sometimes we say “yes” in spite of our actual desire to do the work. The problem is that those new activities carve into our precious little time to pursue our dreams in music.

In this conversation, Dan, Max, and I wrestle with these ideas and search for meaning to focus on in our work. I found the conversation especially helpful because it allowed me a chance to process and articulate some of the feelings I’m having in my own work.

Listen to Do It Deliberately on the pATCHES Podcast. And check out this jam they made with my 100 Year Old Piano Free Ableton Live Pack!

pATCHES on the Music Production Podcast

I had pATCHES on my own podcast a little while back. It too was a great conversation. I really admire their aesthetic and the focus of their work. In this episode, we get a little insight into their process.

Catch pATCHES on the Music Production Podcast