Cuckoo, Margaret Harmer, and Huston Singletary on the Music Production Podcast

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I’ve been having some incredible conversations on the Music Production Podcast in the last few weeks. It amazes me how much we can learn from each other if we spend a little time talking.

Here are the three latest episodes, all extremely useful in their own way.

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Cuckoo is one of the internet’s most fun and helpful music tech personalities. I’ve enjoyed his work for years, and he’s helped me learn how to use some of my favorite gear. It was great to finally get a chance to speak with him.

Music Production Podcast #94: Cuckoo

Margaret Harmer

Margaret Harmer is a talented percussionist and producer. She just released a compilation album highlighting female producers. In this episode, we listen to some of the tracks, hear the story behind the songs, and learn of the challenges and rewards Margaret had producing the album.

Music Production Podcast #93: Margaret Harmer

Huston Singletary

Huston Singletary is Ableton’s lead sound designer. All of those beautiful presets that come with Live are the work of Huston and his team of sound designers. Huston just created a Live Pack called Singularities, which Ableton released for free. It’s a pleasure to nerd out with such a sound design master.

Music Production Podcast #92: Huston Singletary

And keep an eye open for some great new episodes. I’ve already recorded a couple of them and am working out the details on a some new ones. 2019 is going to be a great podcast year!

Have a little free time? Why not spend your next 100-plus hours binge-watching the entire Music Production Podcast playlist on YouTube? :)