Reading List: New Free Max for Live Devices, Sound Design, and Music Production Studies


Ableton Releases Creative Extensions for Free!

Ableton just released a new set of Max for Live devices that are designed to add life and character to music. They are extremely powerful and versatile, allowing us to do things never before possible!

In this video for ADSR, I explore the new devices in Creative Extensions.

ELPHNT Demos Creative Extensions: I love how ELPHNT put these new Max for Live Devices to work!

Learn more about ELPHNT in our conversation on the Music Production Podcast.

80's VHS Synths in Action

Hadji Gaviota wrote to let me know that the 80's VHS Synths Ableton Live Pack played an important part in creating his beautiful track, "Ball & Chain."

New Tools for Isotonik Studios


Isotonik Studios continues their steady stream of incredible tools for Ableton Live. Ask.Audio has put together some nice reviews and walkthroughs for Clyphx Pro and Melody Sauce.

By the way, AfroDJMac Music Production Club members get 10% off all purchases of Isotonik Products!

Free MIDI Note Tuner 

Ever wish you could easily remap certain notes on your MIDI controller? This device by Ableton Drummer does just that. It's surprisingly powerful and handy, not to mention, it's free! Talks Spaghetti Western Guitar

I love this discussion of Spaghetti Western music by Even if you are not a guitarist, it offers some interesting insights on a very moody style of music.

Francis Préve On Sound Design

At Loop, Francis Préve talked with Peter Kirn about sound design and listening. Very eye opening stuff! 

In case you missed it, Francis spoke with me on the Music Production Podcast

On the Music of Jon Hopkins...

I recently got into the music of Jon Hopkins as a direct result of his podcast on Song Exploder, in which he discusses his song "Luminous Beings," and because of this article on Resident Advisor about the gear and techniques he uses in the studio.